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KitchenAid Vertigo Collection - 90cm Integrated Wine Cellar

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  • Holds up to 81 bottles
  • 2 temperature zones
  • Multi-Temperature drawer
  • Humidity control

This is a Wine Cellar Plus!

90 cm Integrated Wine Cellar

Vertigo wine cellar is equipped with a special compartment suitable for preserving and ageing fine red wines, just as if they were stored in your own underground cellar. This A+ 90cm integrated wine cellar holding up to 81 bottles has LED lighting, two temperature zones and triple-glazed protective glass as well as a vibration-proof system. The freezer cavity also features the option of fast cooling, to chill your groceries fast keeping them fresher for longer.

ANTI-VIBRATION SYSTEM - Effective compressor insulation guarantees full protection from vibrations. Vertigo’s anti vibration system minimises any movement, creating the safest environment for even the most delicate bottles so you can preserve them to be enjoyed at your leisure or uncorked to celebrate a very special occasion.

PRESERVE AND AGE RED WINE - With precision temperature and humidity control, it provides the ideal conditions for corks and allows your precious vintages to develop to their full potential.

THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION - Light and temperatures that are too high or low can be detrimental to your wine during storage. This is why KitchenAid designed a triple-glazed door for Vertigo wine cellars to create an effective barrier against UV rays and sudden changes in ambient temperature.

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Fast Cooling & Freezing

When you return from doing your food shopping you'll want to chill your groceries fast to keep them fresher for longer. The special Shopping function lowers the temperature at the touch of a button, ensuring that any large quantities of items are safely and quickly cooled to just the right temperature.

Multi-Temperature Drawer

The Multi-Temperature Drawer can be used as additional space, or switched to Dynamic 0° mode to give you more room for your freshest produce and specialty ingredients. It also functions as a freezer for storing your frozen goods or freezing your favourite homemade dishes, so they are always ready when needed.

Even Airflow System

The Even Airflow System distributes the cold air evenly to guarantee independent ventilation in each compartment. This ensures uniform temperatures throughout the compartments, creating the ideal environment for longer food preservation.