Major Domestic Appliances, Small Appliances and Cookware

Sticks is delighted to offer the whole range of KitchenAid products. An extremely good selection of Major Appliances are currently available from Sticks. For example, the modular Vertigo range shows the new KitchenAid aesthetic at its best. From its textured handles to its chromed windows, smoke-tinted glass and red/copper medallion, everything conveys attention to detail and the care found in the finest traditions of industrial craftsmanship.

There is always a range within KitchenAid that fits your lifestyle and your kitchen. Thanks to its versatility you can custom design your space in total freedom. Major Appliances come not only as freestanding models, but you can also opt for completely flush integrated products featuring articulating dual movement hinges, that allow a flush custom fit or choose the built-in installation where the fridges, for example, totally blend with the kitchen.

The Small Appliances are of course, iconic and if you visit this section, we hope you will be very happy with the brilliant quality and selection available.

Cookware, fantastic bakeware assortment and ceramic assortment, stainless steel and copper cookware assortment, small utensils also.

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