Designer Lamps/Shades

Individually Produced Design For Interiors

Brand new lighting collection by brilliant ex-creative head of top fabric house for many years, Noel Holmes, designs an exclusive collection for Sticks.

  • Meticulously crafted fabrics and light shades, screen and relief printed with hand cut lino blocks.

  • Printed on quality paper, natural cotton and linen fabrics, with water based environmentally friendly emulsions and dyes.

  • Distinctive tactile surface textures, unique to the block printing process.

  • Inspired by natural forms and abstract textures from landscape. Collections are extensively sampled to create the perfect balance.

  • Colours reflect current trends from moody neutrals in muted blues, grey/greens, charcoal and chalky whites to more vibrant injections of colour, reflecting the new floral and botanical themes.

Collections Include


Inspired by organic forms and subtle muted colours and textures of the British coast, designed to suit both contemporary and retro interiors.


Inspired by the vibrant geometric forms and rich colours of African textiles, the organic materials and making process give a unique translucence and light scatter.

Haunts and Habitats

Inspired and created to celebrate a love of the British countryside and some of its more elusive inhabitants.


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