Stand Mixer

Whatever you're creating, the iconic stand mixers with their extensive range of attachments and accessories will inspire you throughout your cooking.

The stand mixer is your best friend in the kitchen. It’s efficient, great at evenly combining ingredients, cuts down your prep time and it’s built to last. Fabulous range of colours.

Doughn't worry, be happy

The dough hook is perfect for kneading all kinds of dough. Use it for making pasta, pizza and bread.

Whisk away

Grab the wire whisk when you need to incorporate air into your mixtures.

Flat out the best

The flat beater tackles heavier mixtures and gives you the right consistency for everything from mashed potatoes to frostings.

Adapts to your needs

Choose from a whole range of attachments.
Simply plug them into your mixer and you’re ready.

Colours matter

Everybody’s different.
Match your personality, your kitchen or your style to one of our colours!
Go on… why not make a statement?

So useful

Find the right size for the amount of cooking that you regularly do.

Entry range: A space saver! The 3.3L is ideal for a small family. For 8 cupcakes.
Mid range: Great for most needs. A 4.8L is yours for life. For 16 cupcakes.
Top range: Cook for more than 6? Our 6.9L is smart and powerful. For 24 cupcakes.


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